Saturday, 23 October 2010

Birth of the three

I do apologise for the lack of updates here -- many a thing these past few weeks have conspired to keep me from writing here, and to top it all off, this week I got really sick, and just wasn't in the mood to write. Well, here, at least.
I am, though, in the process of finishing a comics related post, that should be finished sometime around next week. I needed to check a couple of things first, before I rounded it off, and since I did just that this very morning, I can now proceed to finishing it. Soon.
Other than that, (and even when/while I'm playing the addictive Plants vs. Zombies...) I've been doing a lot of thinking. Yes, it's that time again, where I must reassess my situation, consider what's essential to me and what isn't, so I can move forward from here. There have been a few projects that are nearing completion, one of which will be finished on the 29th, its first phase at least. Then in December, I guess, it's on to phase two.
Random thoughts swirling inside my head pertain to the influence that Metal has had in my writing. Not so much the sound itself, but because of both the mythic quality to certain genres and the poetic nature of the writings of some of my favourite lyricists.
That being said, there's also something to be said about the imagery invoked therein, and of the mood so deftly established by the choicest of words. It comes as no surprise then, that, and on an emotional level -- the kind of primal and visceral emotions -- I feel so drawn to it. It's an instinct that I cannot fight, and I find myself writing all the better when I choose to embrace that instinct, rather than struggling against it.
At the moment, I am writing three different stories : a ghost story with a rather unique twist, (at least in the sense that I have never heard of a story like it), which is to be called 'Until the light takes us', from Burzum's 'Hvis lyset tar oss', and a documentary of the same name about the Norwegian Black Metal movement from the early 90's; then, two other stories relating to 'One Nation' : 'Gilraen', a prequel set many thousands of years in the past, and in the second world. The name itself comes from Tolkien, though I'm guessing I heard it first in maybe a Blind Guardian album or something like that, and 'The story of the Three Sons of Seven', a sister story to 'One Nation' detailing the story of -- you guessed it -- the deadly trio that is set to be one of the main antagonists in my story. Originally, and way back when, when the story that was to become 'One Nation' was nothing more than a pitch I was working on to try and sell to Marvel Comics, which was really an Avengers story leading to an Invaders series, I was toying with the idea of making Taskmaster the ultimate badass villain he should be. But then, and as years passed, that story began to change, and I eventually merged it with another idea I was working on --  an end of days type superhero story with all kinds of religious imagery thrown in. That meant I had to run with it, and create my own characters. Well, one of the first to come to me was actually something that was pretty much the dark side of the mirror to a Captain America type character, someone who'd been experimented upon, someone who was but a number in a series of experiments to try and develop the ultimate super-soldier. Yes, I am well aware of the Wolverine/Weapon X parallels, but this is actually something different... I wanted my character to be both parts Taskmaster and Bullseye, and thus 'Seven' was born.
Somewhere along the way, though, and after he had caused all kinds of havoc and carnage, something (which I can't reveal here) happens to Seven, and the ultimate killing machine is finally taken down. The trouble is that the evil bastard had sired three children, and each of them had inherited one of his unique deadly traits... and now, the Three Sons of Seven are coming for revenge, and no one will be able to stop them once on their path.
I took the name, but it has actually nothing to do with the concept thereof, from Orphaned Land's magnificent 'Mabool - The Story of the Three Sons of Seven'.
More updates soon!